Innovation catered to your needs

Sunrise is designed for the unique needs of RV parks and campgrounds

Point of Sale

Our point of sale adapts to any store size. Have only 10 items? Over 10,000? No problem. Make checkout a breeze by scanning barcodes or easily searching for an item.

Recurring Billing for long-term guests

We are happy to announce our new recurring billing system! This system will automatically send invoices, take payments, and even allow the customer to login and pay online at their convenience, just another way sunrise will make your life easier.

Reservations with flexible dates

Your guests can now have the added convenience of selecting a site based on its availability in addition to selecting a specific date range. Works especially well for campgrounds with a site ownership model as owners can easily see when they can stay at their site.

Online Payment

Payment is collected online safely and securely. Whether you would like to take full payment up front or 15% before checkin we can customize a deposit rule for you. 

Your money in YOUR account

We don’t get between you and your money. With Sunrise, you have your own merchant account, meaning funds are deposited directly into your account without delay.

Flexible Payment Processing

Accept any combination of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Check, Cash, etc., for either online or phone/walk-up transactions.

Gate Integration

Each guest receives a unique code that only works during the time of their stay. If you choose to provide the gate code to guests who have paid in full during the reminder email that goes out prior to arrival, the guest can proceed directly to the site. The gate system will check the guest into the park for you speeding up the check in process significantly.


With a flexible rules engine, Sunrise can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need dynamic pricing or nightly minimums only on your Cabins our rules engine can be setup to match the way you do business.

Great features to fit every park

Cloud based real-time reservation data

When you have Sunrise, you have the ability to access it from any computer/tablet in any location with Internet access. Gone on vacation and want to check your reservations on your laptop? No problem..

Interactive campground maps

“A picture paints a thousand words.” Show off your park in style, with site images on your interactive map.

Powerful customization

Let us tailor Sunrise to fit your needs with our dynamic business rules engine.

What people are saying

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Sunrise Kiosk

With a rugged, yet sleek design, Sunrise Kiosk allows campground customers to quickly and easily select their campsite and make payment. Its familiar and friendly design lets customers know that checking in will be convenient and efficient.

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you like at no extra charge per user. Multiple users can use Sunrise at the same time because the site inventory is always kept live.

User Friendly

Every Sunrise feature or function is designed to be performed in the fewest steps possible. The result is a system with fewer screens, requiring fewer clicks — saving you time.